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Warehousing services


Secure storage of goods with the help of our company is:

Financial responsibility for goods accepted for storage ;

Video monitoring ,twenty-four-hour guarding of the warehouse;

Various versions of the reception and shipment of goods ;

Re-packaging , packaging ;

Palletizing of goods;

Selection and Procurement of orders;

Labeling, stickeringof goods;

Making an inventory;

Issuance of the accompanying documentation for the cargo .


Individual approach

We take into account the specifics of each load , provide safekeeping goods and have an individual approach to the needs of our customers in the field of warehouse logistics. It provides a high-quality store and transmit of products or goods to the customer.


Storage facilities are located under the 24-hour security with video monitoring and access control.

The rooms are equipped with modern firefighting and ventilation systems , so the transfer of goods for safekeeping in our complex ensures their complete safety .

Warehouses of our company are located at: 

Kiev Svyatoshinsky district, s.PetropavlovskayaBorshchagivka ,Antonova 8 Street

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