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Transportation of dangerous and oversized cargo


Transport of dangerous goods is a kind of logistics services, which require special care.

Dangerous goods include materials and items , transportation , loading , unloading and storage of which can cause an explosion , damage of cargo or damage of other cargoes , equipment , buildings, fire and poisoning , injury , burns or exposure of people . Therefore, their carriage is required to carry out in accordance with a lot of rules and regulations drawn up to ensure the safety not only of the cargo , but the accompanying persons , as well as to prevent possible disasters.

For the organization of such transport an integrated approach is required which includes as organizational issues ( paperwork , obtaining permits , arranging handling and transportation ) , and the presence of special licenses.

All kinds of services are reviewed and approved individually for each client.

Attach a classifier of dangerous goods

International transport of " oversized cargoes " is a very complex process of transportation, which includes the volume set of works on the development of the desired permitted route , correct registration of necessary permits and approvals prior . For proper transportation of oversized cargo , if necessary some specialized metalstructures are invented and produced . As a rule , the entire preparation takes more time than the actual transportation of oversized cargo. More information about the classes of danger can be found here .

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