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Transportation of cargoes across Ukraine 


When the weight of the load is not sufficient to fully load your car and its transportation is a problem, you can use the services of " LOGIS CARGO ." We have no restrictions when receiving goods, that are why delivery across Ukraine becomes more profitable from an economic point of view with low weight or volume shipment.

With our company you can carry out the sale of goods in any city of Ukraine ,as delivery of goods will be efficient and quick. This is particularly important for industrial goods, supplied under the order and having a selective demand .

We provide transport of goods across Ukraine from 1 kg to 10 tons in the shortest possible time. Our company provides the highest level of service and additional services to each customer. Delivery of goods is carried out to more than 500 regional and district center in 24-48 hours.

Transportation of cargo will be faster and more convenient when you do not need to deliver the goods to the warehouse of our company by your own. For this you can draw up an application for the service "Departure to the warehouse ". 

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