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Rail transport


Freight transport by rail is one of the main directions of our activity. Our experts will monitor not only the safety of the cargo , but also fully take control of the whole process of transportation, loading , storage and documentation of cargo entrusted to our company.

The advantages of rail transport :

- the cost of freight by rail is much lower than the cost of transporting cargo by air or sea (for international transportations) .

- it is more profitable to fulfill transportation of goods (especially bulky and light ) over long distances by railway trains , because their capacity is much higher than capacity of cars.

- it is possible to carry oversize and long loadsby wagons, which often is not possible during transport by road.

- depending on the type of cargo transported, it is possible to select the type of the wagon , as it affects the cost of transportation and preservation of the cargo.

Carriageby rail transport allow to deliver goods to the destination even in bad weather conditions . Percentage of timely arrival of goods at the station with the railway transport is much higher than with the road.

Carriage by railway transport is the minimum risk of delay of cargo on the way .

But it is almost impossible to control by yourself the whole process of transportation of your cargo, because it is necessary to be an expert in terms of logistics and customs control.

We will organize for you:

- The development of the route;

- Delivery to the railway station ;

- Cargo operations at the loading / unloadingstations;

- The paperwork for the railway carriage;

- Customs clearance ;

- Direct freight;

- Informing the recipient of the arrival of the goods .

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