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Package cargo


We store package cargo both in our own warehouses and warehouses of partners in Austria and Poland, which allows to consolidate and store general cargo , and then send the already complete trucks with cargo, which significantly reduces your freight costs . Warehouses for general cargo are equipped with modern facilities for loading and unloading.

The company’s services in the transport of cargoes

We offer:

Transport and delivery of package cargoes ;

Labelingof general cargoes;

Carrying out loading and unloading operations ;

Control over the transportation of package cargo;

Providing full information about of the package cargo throughout the journey ;

Consultations on the organization and execution of transportation of package cargoes .

Our specialists will process your request in the short term and will offer you our version of delivery of the package cargo, while coordinating with you the price and terms of delivery.

Our services for the delivery of cargoes is:

minimum time of delivery;

favorable rates ;

apossibility to choose different delivery options ;

quality service of international standard .

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