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Maritime transport


Currently, international maritime container transportations arehigh-demand for a wide range of goods from South-East Asia, Europe , USA, etc.

The main advantages of such a scheme of cargo carriage are :

- relatively low cost of transporting one ton of cargo (much lower than for transport by road or air transport) ;

- a possibility of simultaneous transport of up to tens of thousands of tons of cargo in containers , which allow to simplify the logistics schemes ,

- the ability to deliver bulky and substandard cargoes.

The main disadvantage of this mode of transport is the time factor !

In any case, this type of delivery is very beneficial, especially when it is a part of a larger scheme,for example, a part of a multimodal transportation or when delivering package cargo . As a rule , the main part of the path a cargo is on the ship , and then it is delivered by road or by rail to the customer’s warehouse from the port of origin. In this situation the choice of container transportation is very advantageous for a number of reasons:

- containers have standard proportions , it is possible to loada cargo on almost any kind of transport without reshipping of the contents of the container;

- containersare intended for transportation, and, therefore , provide optimal protection of cargo and have all the necessary elements to facilitate loading , securing and unloading of goods ;

- containers of various types can transport almost any goods , including non-standard ;

- thanks to the unification of containers , they can be delivered "door to door" from anywhere in the world;

Due to the above advantages, international maritime transport has won a reputation as one of the most reliable options of cargo deliveries in containers. We offer a full range of services for the organization of this type of transportations and provide maximum efficiency and excellent quality of delivery. More information about containers can be found here .

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