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It is impossible to be atop-ranked specialist in all areas of law simultaneously. Many years of practical experience in warehousing and logistics , foreign trade activities, knowledge of the transport process, customs clearance , as well as knowledge and skillful application of the legal framework of transport relations,norms of tax and customs law constitute the fundamental basis for the provision of professional and quality legal services in these directions.

Foreign economic activity

Foreign economic activity is carried out in a highly competitive environment, the changing political and economic environment, and as a result, the property interests of economic entities are constantly exposed to legal and tax risks, which could be minimized by legal assistance of our company.

Relevant today remain the issues related to the customs procedures and charging customs duties in the process of import-export operations, which are often solved in terms of conflict, imperfection and inconsistency of certain norms of current tax and customs legislation of Ukraine.

We specialize in providing legal services to protect the rights and legitimate interests of clients in disputes with organs of incomes and fees in cases of any category and complexity, including:

- Application of certain benefits during the customs clearance of goods;

- Determination the product code on the commodity nomenclature HS;

- Definitions ( corrections ) of the customs value of the goods;

- Repayment ofincorrect and / or overpaid customs payments;

- All types of audits ,appeal of tax notices and decisions;

- Appeal of certain decisions and actions or omissions of organs of income and fees and theirofficials ;

- Penalties for harm caused to customers and their property by unlawful decisions , actions or omissions of organs of income and fess, or their officials ;

- Bringing to administrative responsibility for violation of customs regulations.


The range of legal services includes:

- Analysis of a business prospective , the choice of the optimal ( judicial, non-judicial or otherwise) way of resolving the dispute, consulting assistance ;

- Formation of the evidence base ;

- Negotiations on the subject of pre-trial settlement of the dispute;

- Drafting petitions ,motions , requests , objections , explanations, complaints;

- Representing clients in court in all instances;

- Support of enforcement proceedings ;

- Taking part in checking the regulatory authorities.

Particular importance is given to themonitoring over the accuracy of determining the customs value of goods , which is the basis for the calculation (accrual ) of customs duties. Such control is carried out by organs of income and fees, either during the import (export ) of goods or after the release of goods for free circulation ( post-entry control).

At these stages of control, documentation of  the customs value depends on proper preparation and legal expertise of noneconomic contracts and other supporting documents , the determination of prices , supply conditions , making the calculation of customs payments, basic knowledge of international payments and international transport , which is an integral part of our daily work .

Covering a wide range of services in foreign economic activities , logistics, customs brokerage and legal activities , as well as using the accumulated experience  , we competently and promptly carry out the necessary preparatory work as in the process of planning of foreign trade deals and directly before the implementation of export-import operations by the client.

In the process of the customs declaration of goods , we are ready to provide competent legal assistance,consultation at any stage of the customs control and clearance of goods in all customs regimes.

If the Customs requires additional documents confirming the customs value of goods, our lawyers will:

- Competently and consistently carry out the work associated with the procedure of all the formalities of sending such documents or of a written justification of the impossibility of providing a particular document;

- Provide legal assistance at the stage of the consultation procedure with the customs office for the purpose of  reasonable and consistent choice of the method of determining the customs value, and if necessary,make request in writing for conducting such consultation;

- Make inquiries in order to obtain written information about the reasons for requesting additional documents, on the order and sequence of application of the methods of determining the customs value of the sources used by Customs when it is defined and explained by adjustments made on the batch volume of identical or similar goods, with taking into account the conditions of delivery, commercial conditions , etc.;

- record all illegal  actions ( inactions) of customs and form the evidence base necessary for further protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the client in the case of violations of the law on the stages of customs clearance.


When conducting inspections by authorities lawyers of our company :

- will advise on inspection procedures , scope of powers of regulatory bodies and existing restrictions on the conduct of certain actions (access to the territory or premises , inspection, requesting documents , seizure (suppression ) of documents and objects , inventory, assessment , etc.);

- will analyze the violations identified by regulatory authorities for their presence taking into account current legislation ;

- Will give a legal assessment of the actions of regulatory bodies as to their legitimacy ;

- Will make inquiries in order to obtain individual tax advice;

- Will prepare objections to the inspection report,taking into account the established procedural deadlines;

- Appeal against the decisions of regulatory authorities in the administrative or judicial procedure .

Legal services in the field of road transport

Our lawyers are ready to provide effective legal assistance to the entities of the transport market .

The list of legal services includes:

- Analysis, elaboration, preparation of contracts in the field of transport ( forwarding, transportation , safe storasge );

- The resolution of disputes relating to the payment of insurance proceeds , compensation for damage caused during transport and storage of goods ;

- Protection of the legitimate rights and interests of the client in case of accident ;

- Recovery of the contractual obligations ;

- Representation of clients in courts of all levels , as well as in the executive bodies ;

- Consulting in the field of domestic and international road transport , warehousing , on taxation of forwarding and logistic activities.


We are also happy to offer services in the filedof :

Labor Law

- Consultations;

- Development of internal (local) normative acts( statutes, collective treaties, internal labor rules , job descriptions , regulations, orders , etc.);

- Legal analysis of existing personnel documents of the client;

- Legal support of action for dismissal of employees,bringing them to disciplinary and financial responsibility;

- Representing clients in settlement of labor disputes in the courts.

Family Law :

- Consultations;

- Drafting marriage contracts ;

- Preparation of claims and conducting casesin courts of all levels concerning the divorce and division of joint property , annulment , child support collection,determination of the residence of the minor child , establishment of paternity , etc.

Timely appeal to lawyers of our company will allow clients to avoid unnecessary financial costs and the many negative and sometimes fatal consequences.

Our company provides legal services based on an individual approach to each client in combination with a high degree of responsibility and respect for the principles of efficiency , integrity , confidentiality.

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