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If your company is planning to enter into a new market with a minimal investment , we are ready to share our expert knowledge in the area of trade , customs , import, logistics. You promote your product, we provide an efficient import and logistics, as well as the sale of your products in the national currency , distribution , warehousing , and other services necessary for a successful start .

We consult on the legislation in the field of foreign trade activities, assist in the drafting of international economic contracts and are responsible for the correct legal support of the deal..

The service “Agent Code “ (Technical importer) is the sale of delivered and refined product to final customer in the national currency of the country of destination. As from the date of the purchase contract , LLC “Logis Cargo”is the“technical importer “ of your goods,we will undertake all guarantees for risks and liabilities of export- import operations ,. We guarantee all legal imports , customs clearance, transparent chain of the participants of the delivery .

Customs clearance is an important element of the logistics. At first glance, customs clearance is a simple and solved task. In fact, everything is not so easy. Reception of a large amount of necessary certificates , permissions , selection of product codes , payment of duties and taxes take away a lot of time and effort.

Customs clearance doesn’tstand the mistakes. Each document issued in violation of the Customs Code may becomethe reason for a denial of clearance . That is why it is always important to selectan operator providing customs brokerage services , very carefully.

For many years the specialists of our company have provided brokerage services and have a lot of experience in this field. So we are ready for the most difficult customs clearance and guarantee quality, professional work done on time. We also guarantee electronic declaration at checkpoints across the state border.

We also provide services for the receptionof :

1. Certificate of Conformance(declaration of correspondence ) .

2 . CDI (import quarantine permit ) .

3 . Sanitary and hygienic certificate .

4 . Passage of SES control, mark on the accompanying documents.

5 . Getting stategemologichnogoconclusion.?

6. Getting the decision of the certification body.

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