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Cargo insurance


Delivery of goods in one piece is one of the main objectives when working with clients.

We control the quality of transport orders by our carriers and check the availability of CMR- insurance policy in transport companies involved. Not any damage of the loadis paid by the carrier. This is due to the fact that the carrier’s liability is limited to international and national law, including the CMR Convention. Under the CMR Convention the carrier shall not be responsible for damages arising from the loading, stowage ( stacking) , moving or unloading of cargo; circumstances and consequences which the carrier was unable to prevent, for example, during a robbery ( in the absence of gross carelessnessfrom the driver’s side) , etc.

The CMR Convention limits the maximum liability of the carrier in the amount of 8,33 SDR ( about 12 EURO) per 1 gross kg of cargo lost or damaged . In these cases, all the losses lie on the cargo owner. To avoid potential outstanding claims, LLC " Logis Cargo" recommends its customers to insure the cargo itself , which involves rapid refund of the full cost of cargo to its owner in the insurance case .

Rates depend on the following factors: the type of transport, the transport conditions , route , type of cargo, transshipment in the transportation , the amount of liability of the insurer.

Cooperation with reliable insurance companies allows us to provide our customers the best conditions.

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