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Air Freight


Transportation of goods by air is characterized by high speed and minimum time of delivery. We can organize delivery of cargo weighing from 1 kilogram, help to arrange cargo at Boryspil andJulianiairport quickly and reliably. At your request, our agent in any country of the world will take away your goods in stock sender and deliver to the airport, will provide packaging and freight insurance , as well as whenever necessary he will carry out customs clearance of your cargo .

Calculation of rates of international air transportations is based on the most profitable prices of airlines with taking into account all the requirements under the terms of air cargo . All airdelivery of goods is done in the shortest possible time . Your cargo is delivered safely exactly as directed. This is what increases the number of loyal customers who are satisfied with the quality of air freight carried by our company.

Now you can take advantage of profitable and convenient international air tariffs of the company" Logis Cargo" .

Our company specializes in providing air transportation of cargo fromBoryspiland Julianiairport:

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